Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dark Waters Release Date & Kindle Pre-Order

The release is finally set for my new novel Dark Waters.  You can pre-order the Kindle version right now for delivery on 11/25, just in time to give yourself a thrilling read for the US Thanksgiving holiday.  The print version will be available on the 25th as well, and remember that a purchase of the print version comes with a free copy for Kindle readers and apps via the Amazon MatchBook program.

You can see the cover art below.  Click on it to go to the Amazon Kindle product page.

Three years ago cancer took the wife of Pat Collins.  Feeling neglected and forgotten by her father leading up to and in the months after the death of her mother, his teenage daughter ran away from home.  He has not spoken to her since, left only a text message to announce her leaving.  Afterward, Pat’s life spiraled down into a dark hole from which he had barely been able to pull himself.

Now returned to his life as a police detective, and with few memories of the time following the destruction of his family remaining, Pat is afraid he might be going insane.  Dreams that haunt him at night are beginning to take hold during his waking hours, and he is starting to see things . . . things that have no logical explanations.  He discovers that, with a touch, he is somehow able to see the memories of others.  As he struggles with his newfound existence, he finds true madness stalks him in the form of a sadistic killer for whom Pat has become a fixation.

Sparked by a memory not his own, Pat begins a quest to stop the devil haunting the streets of his adopted home, but he must deal with his own personal demons in order to do it.  Only by resolving his past can he find a future free from the hell his life has become.