Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"The White Door" & "A Festival of Dolls" Now Available as Part of Amazon's MatchBook Service

True to my word, and in conjunction with the thoughts of my previous post about Amazon's MatchBook service, my debut Suspense/Horror novel The White Door, as well as my short A Festival of Dolls, are now available as part of Amazon MatchBook.  When you purchase the print edition of either one, you will receive the Kindle edition free.  Also, anyone having previously ordered a print copy through Amazon will be able to take part in this service.  The Amazon links for the print versions of my books can be found in my eStore, in the sidebar, or by clicking on the book title in this post.  The White Door is currently just $13.22 and A Festival of Dolls is $4.03 at the moment.

I would also like to add a thought to my original words about the MatchBook service in general, or at least its publishing partners.  The publisher's will need to step up to the plate instead of using the service for another way to soak customers of their money.  When I looked through my personal list of MatchBook titles, I noticed that almost 100% of them were being offered at the highest price of $2.99.  This will not cut it.  You should take the time to let these publisher's know that while you appreciate their participation in the program, they must make the service a value to you as a consumer.  Hopefully, these initial offers are simply the publishers' way of "testing the waters" and price adjustments will be forthcoming.  If not, I fear the service will do little to benefit the customer.

Thank you,