Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dark Waters Preview

What if you could live another person's memories?

It has been three years since Pat Collins watched cancer cause a painful death for his wife.  If this loss was not enough, his teenage daughter, feeling neglected and forgotten by her father leading up to and in the months following, was driven away from home.  He has not spoken to her since, left only a text message to announce her leaving.

Now Pat is afraid he might be going insane.  Dreams that haunt him at night are beginning to take hold during his waking hours, and he is starting to see things...things that have no logical explanations.  But it is true madness that stalks him in the form of a sadistic killer who believes Pat is the secret to fulfilling his dark destiny.

It has been a while, but I have been hard at work on my forthcoming novel Dark Waters.  I am putting the final touches on it, as well as working on the cover design and art.

The writing of this latest novel was unusual for me in the sense that it became something almost entirely different than what it began as in my head, and I wanted to share this short preview with my readers.

Thank you for your time,

Click the image below to go to the preview.

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